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Deploying to Gatsby Cloud

While there are a number of different ways to build and deploy Gatsby sites, we recommend Gatsby Cloud. Gatsby Cloud is built by the Gatsby team to be the fastest way to build and host your website.

Some features include:

  • A Global Edge Network Optimized For Gatsby. Hosting your Gatsby website on Gatsby Cloud gives you access to a secure, scalable, and performant Edge Network, specifically built to run the best Gatsby experiences.
  • Instantly preview content or code before it’s live. With Gatsby Cloud , your site will have preview environments automatically created for all content changes, pull requests, and merges. It’s truly the best way to deliver content in the Jamstack world.
  • The Enterprise Content Hub To Modernize Your Web Stack. Valhalla is a must-have for organizations wanting to update their web architecture while also dealing with the reality of Legacy APIs.
  • The fastest Gatsby builds. Intelligent caching, parallel processing, Deferred Static Generation, and true incremental builds can make your builds feel…instant.
  • Gatsby Functions. Bring an entire backend to your website, without managing a backend. Build a powerful, dynamic, and scalable website with just a few lines of code.
  • Automated Lighthouse performance checks and deploy previews to fix errors before they’re published.
  • A free tier designed to comfortably support personal and small sites.
  • Quick Connect to automatically set up webhooks with your CMS


Gatsby Cloud integrates with the tools you already use to build sites. By connecting your Gatsby project’s GitHub repository, Gatsby Cloud automatically builds and deploys your site when you make changes.

You can sign up for Gatsby Cloud here.

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