Adding Common Features

While websites use components, text, images, and data in pages, they aren't just these things. This section covers the features that change your website from a static document to an interactive application. This includes third-party services that provide interactivity to users and visibility and control to stakeholders, and features like localization and SEO that provide context to humans and robots.

 Third-party services 5

Integrate with third-party providers offering functions like search, analytics, authentication, A/B testing, forms, and so on.

Adding forms

Use vanilla React forms or more full-featured libraries like Formik or Final Form.

How to add user authentication

Many sites require user authentication in order to protect private data. Implement this in your Gatsby site by using client-side routing and connecting to third-party services like Auth0.

How to add Google Analytics

Drop in tracking from GA, use Google Tag Manager, or a number of other analytics providers like Hotjar and Segment.

Add search from hosted providers like Algolia or use open source libraries like elasticlunr.

How to A/B test

 Common website features 4

Optimize your site with SEO, internationalization, custom 404 pages, accessibility, and client-side data fetching

How to improve SEO

Gatsby gives you built-in SEO boosts through faster page speeds, and provides plugins to ensure that search engines capture the correct page metadata

How to add internationalization

Serving users content in their preferred language is part of a great user experience. Gatsby works with i18n libraries allowing you to create multiple URLs for a page based on language and serve the correct one to users.

How to create a custom 404 page

Add a nice UI flourish to your site!

How to create an sitemap

Gatsby provides a drop-in plugin to generate an XML sitemap for Google and other search engine to more easily and accurately index your site.

 E-commerce features 1

Features for e-commerce (carts, checkout, payments)

How to set up payments with Stripe

Stripe is a developer-friendly payment platform that allows you to process one-time and recurring payments and send invoices.

 Blog functionality 2

Features for blogs (RSS, comments, pagination)

How to add comments

Gatsby works well with a number of third-party commenting systems like Disqus.

How to create an RSS feed

Gatsby provides a drop-in RSS feed for your blog through the `gatsby-plugin-feed` plugin.