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Common Features

Move beyond components, data, content, and media. Add third-party services like search, payments, and authentication; provide context with localization and SEO; capture visitor information with forms and analytics. In short, change your website from a static document to an interactive application.

 Main Guides 8

SEO Component

Learn how to use Gatsby's built-in Head API to build a custom SEO component


Create multiple URLs for a page based on language and serve the correct one to users.

Customized 404 page

500 page

Custom 500 error page if something goes wrong during server-side rendering.


Basic analytics (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager); other analytics providers like Hotjar and Segment.

Add search from hosted providers like Algolia or use open source libraries like elasticlunr.


Use vanilla React forms or React form libraries like Formik or Final Form.


Implement authentication in your Gatsby site by using client-side routing and connecting to third-party services like Auth0.

 Additional Guides 8

  • Add comments
  • Set up payments with Stripe
  • Create an RSS feed
  • Create an sitemap
  • A/B test
  • Add a manifest file
  • Add offline support
  • Page transitions
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