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The Enterprise Content Hub
To Modernize Your Web Stack

Valhalla is a must-have for organizations wanting to update their web architecture while also dealing with the reality of Legacy APIs.

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Valhalla provides a centralized data layer that gives enterprises an architecture for managing content across a variety of sources — making it accessible via a unified GraphQL API for building content sites, eCommerce platforms, and both native and web applications.

Valhalla makes content synchronization a breeze

Modernize your web stack

Start your headless journey small – integrate your Legacy data alongside data from your CMS to migrate your web properties over time to a more modern architecture.

Create a content hub 
from all of your CMS data

Valhalla API allows you to syndicate your content across multiple sources into one centralized location for easy access

Valhalla Content Hub 
in less than 5 minutes

With Dustin Schau, VP of Engineering

Technical demos

for Next.js, Astro, and Gatsby – with data from Contentful, Wordpress, and Shopify

The frontend frameworks you know 
and love are all supported

Remix, Gatsby, Next.js, Vue, Svelte, Astro — you name it, we support it!

Prevent Framework 
or CMS lock-in

Valhalla provides content using an industry standard GraphQL API and makes it easy to connect to multiple CMS APIs. Plug in different Framework or CMS tools based on the needs of the project and swap out pieces over time.

Engage with the latest and greatest

content in the world of Valhalla

Watch the Valhalla Launch Webinar on November 3rd null icon

Watch the Valhalla Launch Webinar on November 3rd

Learn about Valhalla Content Hub firsthand and get your questions answered.

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Valhalla Content Hub Explained Blog Post null icon

Valhalla Content Hub Explained Blog Post

Read up on how Valhalla Content Hub helps you modernize your web stack.

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The Valhalla Content Hub Press Release null icon

The Valhalla Content Hub Press Release

The press release introducing Valhalla Content Hub to the world.

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Don’t just take our word for it – take theirs

Modernize your web stack.

Start today!

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