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Gatsby Cloud supports integration with a number of different services including CMS offerings, Hosting solutions and other technologies.

Automatic Integrations

These Content Management Systems (CMS) have first class integrations with Gatsby Cloud. From your Cloud dashboard you can select your CMS of choice, navigate to their site to authenticate or create your account, and the rest is done for you.

Manual Integrations

If you want to work with a CMS without automatic integration support you still can. There are specific documents available for the below integration points:

If your CMS is not listed above you’ll want to set up the necessary environment variables and have your CMS publish to the webhook provided.

Note that there may be multiple webhooks if you have both builds and preview enabled on your site.

Hosting Integrations

Once your site is built you will want to deploy it. Hosting integrations are designed to automatically integrate with your deploy target.

When integrating with a hosting platform there are two options.

  1. You have an existing deploy target and would like Cloud to integrate your build with that project.
  2. You’d like Cloud to generate a deploy target for you with your prefered provider.



Autoprovision a new site

If you don’t have an existing project, Gatsby Cloud’s autoprovisioning workflow will set up a new site for you using a preconfigured starter. Learn how to autoprovision a new site.

Gatsby Open Source Docs

To see Gatsby’s open source docs, check out

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