Reference Guides

Nitty-gritty technical descriptions of how Gatsby works. Most useful when you need detailed information about Gatsby's APIs.

Local Development

3 articles

Browse CLI commands like gatsby build and gatsby develop and typical folders and files you'll see inside a Gatsby project.

Built-in React Components

2 articles

Gatsby Link and the Gatsby Image plugin are drop-in components that improve your site's performance and users' experience.


2 articles

Generate templated pages like blog posts or products with file system routing.

Config Files

2 articles

Inside its configuration files, Gatsby provides a rich set of lifecycle APIs to hook into its bootstrap, build, and client runtime operations. They allow sourcing data, creating pages, and customizing generated HTML pages.


3 articles

Functions let you build dynamic applications without running servers. Submit forms, authenticate users, securely connect to external services, build GraphQL/REST APIs, and more.

GraphQL Data Layer

4 articles

APIs for querying your data (PageQuery, StaticQuery, Fragments) and specifying your GraphQL schema (schema customization).

Release Notes

17 articles

Find release notes and guides on how to upgrade Gatsby along with third-party packages.