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Set a Node.js Version for Your Site


You can specify a Node.js version for your site in Gatsby Cloud in two different ways:

  • Through an environment variable
  • With a .nvmrc file

If you don’t explicitly set a Node.js version yourself, Gatsby Cloud will use its default version (current minimum supported Node.js version by Gatsby).

Environment variable

You can set your Node.js version using the NODE_VERSION environment variable inside Gatsby Cloud. Read more about setting environment variables.

Using nvm

You can include a .nvmrc file in your project repository and Gatsby Cloud will read the Node.js version from that file.

An example file could look like this:

You can write out the version you’re currently using locally like this:


Sometimes Gatsby Cloud is not recognizing your new Node.js version after you set it. In those instances, try disabling your builds and preview (find them under “Site Settings” > “Builds”) and then re-enabling them. This will reset your build container and make sure to use your new Node.js version.

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