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v3.2 Release Notes

Welcome to gatsby@3.2.0 release (March 2021 #3)

Key highlights of this release:

Also check out notable bugfixes.

Sneak peek to next releases:

Bleeding Edge: Want to try new features as soon as possible? Install gatsby@next and let us know if you have any issues.

Previous release notes

Full changelog

Better StaticImage errors

For our new gatsby-plugin-image we also introduced StaticImage to allow quick usage of the image pipeline for images that are the same every time. But it comes with some restrictions that you need to think of.

To make using StaticImage easier the previous error message was adjusted to now also show the offending code and link to the relevant documentation.

CLI showing an error with a description, a codeframe with the relevant code, and link to documentation

Bonus: If you want to use StaticImage as a background image, read our newly added docs.

Adjustable ES Modules option for CSS Modules

With the release of Gatsby v3 we made the choice to import CSS modules as ES Modules by default. This allows better treeshaking and smaller files as a result — however, when using third-party packages that still expect CommonJS you’ll need to work around this behavior to be able to migrate to Gatsby v3.

Together with v3.2 also new minors of gatsby-plugin-sass, gatsby-plugin-less, gatsby-plugin-postcss, and gatsby-plugin-stylus were released. You’re now able to override the esModule and namedExport option of css-loader inside each plugin.

Please see the migration guide for an example.



  • The default limit when fetching data from Contentful was increased by 10 times. This will speed up build times.
  • The using-contentful example got updated to Gatsby v3 and demonstrates how to use gatsby-plugin-image with Contenful.
  • New e2e-contentful test suite to improve plugin reliability.


  • Network errors are properly retried again.
  • Set proper defaults when for gatsby-plugin-image (Constrained layout with dominant color as placeholder)
  • Improved help when connection credentials are wrong
  • Improved the docs and added more details about the downloadLocal config option

Notable bugfixes & improvements

Next version: major bump of all remark plugins

Remark has had a significant major upgrade recently and changed the underlying parser. The ecosystem seems to have almost caught up since then, so we are going to release a new major version for all remark-related plugins soon.

We tried to make the upgrade effortless but there could still be subtle differences in output and edge cases. So please try pre-release versions of those plugins and let us know if you notice any inconsistencies or bugs.

Install the following canary versions of all remark packages that you have in your package.json:

Umbrella discussion


A big Thank You to our community who contributed to this release 💜

  • misfist: chore(starters): Update WordPress blog README PR #30209
  • TngSam: chore(docs): Update using-web-fonts PR #30243
  • andrewrota: chore(docs): Fix link to markdown-syntax PR #30239
  • dhrumilp15
    • chore(dosc): Update deploying-to-digitalocean-droplet PR #30205
    • chore(docs): Update deploying-to-digitalocean-droplet PR #30266
  • pedrolamas: fix(gatsby-plugin-netlify): upgrade webpack-assets-manifest for compatibility with webpack@5 PR #30217
  • Elendev: chore(docs): Fix typo in createPages doc PR #30343
  • blenderskool: fix(gatsby): Add reporter.panic in empty catch in load-themes PR #29640
  • UgRoss: fix(gatsby): Fix wrong resolve id for CommentJson type PR #30389
  • larowlan: fix(drupal): Support forward revisions for Drupal paragraphs PR #29289
  • kamranayub: fix(gatsby): validate local plugin options schema PR #29787
  • JobenM: fix(gatsby-plugin-mdx): timeToRead returns NaN when word count is 0 PR #30489
  • axe312ger
    • fix(gatsby-source-contentful): Improve network error handling PR #30257
    • chore(contentful): create compiled files in dist instead of . PR #30414
    • fix(examples): Update using-contentful to use gatsby-plugin-image PR #29526
    • build(using-contentful): add missing sharp dependency PR #30546
    • feat(gatsby-source-contentful): Increase Contentful sync by up to 10x PR #30422
    • fix(contentful): set proper defaults for gatsby-plugin-image PR #30536
    • feat(gatsby-source-contentful): update docs and improve errors PR #30538
    • fix(gatsby-source-contentful): Contentful page limit backoff PR #30549
    • fix(contentful): ensure fragments are properly distributed PR #30555
    • fix(using-contentful): clean up dependencies PR #30556

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