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Gatsby Framework Version Support


This page illustrates the support plans for the major versions of Gatsby. This allows you to effectively plan your Gatsby framework upgrades.

Generally, you can expect 1 major version per calendar year. Although, there may be more than 1 major per year when a necessary evolution of Gatsby requires significant breaking change.

Release and support schedule

Note: Future time ranges are listed when a specific target date is not yet determined.

VersionStatusAs OfUntil
5Active Long-term supportNovember 8, 2022Q4 2023
4Maintenance Long-term supportNovember 8, 2022Q4 2023
3UnsupportedOctober 21, 2021November 8, 2022
2UnsupportedJanuary 1, 2022-


  • Critical Patch - A critical patch addresses an issue that prevents the Gatsby framework from delivering intended user value under typical conditions. Other items, such as minor bug fixes and new features are not considered “critical patches” to Gatsby.

  • Active Long-Term Support - Receives priority attention from the core maintainers of Gatsby. New features to Gatsby are only available in the Active Long-Term Supported version.

  • Maintenance Long-term Support - Receives critical patches, but does not receive new features.

  • Unsupported - This version of Gatsby no longer receives official support of any kind.

What does this mean for users of the Gatsby framework?

What does this mean for Gatsby Cloud?

Your Gatsby-powered sites will continue to run as they do today in Gatsby Cloud. However, as enhancements are delivered within Gatsby Cloud and the Gatsby framework, you may need to upgrade your site(s) in order to take advantage of those features and performance enhancements.

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