As we continue evolving the Gatsby framework, and as we move from one major version to the next, we will communicate the duration and types of support provided to the prior major version. This allows users to effectively plan their Gatsby framework upgrades.

What is happening, when?

Starting on June 8, 2021:

  • Gatsby Version 3 will be considered the Active Long-Term Support version of Gatsby.
    • This means that users will need to leverage Gatsby Version 3 in order to take advantage of new features and receive bug fixes.
  • Gatsby Version 2.32 will enter Maintenance Long-Term Support.
    • This means that users of Version 2.32 will only receive critical patches
    • The Maintenance Long-Term Support will continue until the release of Gatsby v4 (date TBD).

What are the characteristics of a “critical patch”?

Critical patches address issues that prevent the Gatsby framework from delivering intended user value under typical conditions. Other items, such as minor bug fixes and new features are not considered “critical patches” to Gatsby.

What does this mean for users of the Gatsby framework?

What does this mean for Gatsby Cloud?

Your Gatsby-powered sites will continue to run as they do today in Gatsby Cloud. However, as enhancements are delivered within Gatsby Cloud and the Gatsby framework, you may need to upgrade your site(s) in order to take advantage of those features and performance enhancements.