Expert training & support from the core team

Whether you’re exploring Gatsby or rolling it out across your organization, our team is here for you.

Get expert help on Gatsby straight from our team.

Accelerate your Gatsby adoption with:

  • Recommendations on content architecture, data pipelines, and development workflow given your website project’s goals and constraints.
  • Guidance on Gatsby best practices at every stage, from architecture and user research, to design and development, to testing and launch.
  • Training, code review, and collaborative design tailored to your team to help develop internal Gatsby expertise.
  • Content, tools, and support that can help you evangelize Gatsby to external clients or internal stakeholders.
  • Best practices into deploying Gatsby component technologies such as React.js, GraphQL, the JAMStack, and component libraries.
  • Visibility into Gatsby’s technical roadmap so your team can take full advantage of planned features.

Whether you’re looking for a limited engagement on a specific project, or an open-ended, continuing relationship, we’re happy to help.

We offer several project-specific trainings that we can customize to your team & organization. On an ongoing basis, we offer three levels of support:

Gatsby Developer Support - Everything your team needs to make sure you’re using Gatsby the best way as you evaluate it or start to build your first Gatsby projects.

Gatsby Enterprise Support - A support package for teams using Gatsby for critical business projects or organizations deploying Gatsby across multiple teams.

Gatsby Professional Services - A flexible set of consulting services for organizations that need to accelerate Gatsby development and build a strong team.

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