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Naming a Plugin

Plugin title naming conventions

There are five standard plugin naming conventions for Gatsby:

  • gatsby-source-* — a source plugin loads data from a given source (e.g. WordPress, MongoDB, the file system). Use this plugin type if you are connecting a new source of data to Gatsby.
  • gatsby-transformer-* — a transformer plugin converts data from one format (e.g. CSV, YAML) to a JavaScript object. Use this naming convention if your plugin will be transforming data from one format to another.
  • gatsby-[plugin-name]-* — if a plugin is a plugin for another plugin 😅, it should be prefixed with the name of the plugin it extends (e.g. if it adds emoji to the output of gatsby-transformer-remark, call it gatsby-remark-add-emoji). Use this naming convention whenever your plugin will be included as a plugin in the options object of another plugin.
  • gatsby-theme-* — this naming convention is used for Gatsby themes, which are a type of plugin. This naming convention is used for plugins that own a section, a page, or part of a page on a site or expose files and components for shadowing.
  • gatsby-plugin-* — this is the most general plugin type. Use this naming convention if your plugin doesn’t meet the requirements of any other plugin types.

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