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Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-instagram-baseweb
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-instagram-baseweb
? A portfolio based on your latest Instagram posts, implemented with the Base Web Design System by Uber. It features out-of-the-box responsive layouts, easy-to-implement components, and CSS-in-JS styling.
  • Display your Instagram posts (Up to the last 12 with no API key).
  • Plug & Play configuration. All you need is an Instagram username!
  • Lightweight & Minimalist page structure. Let your work show itself.
  • Responsive design.
  • Simple React functional components (FC).
  • Google Analytics ready.
  • Continuous deployment via Netlify or Vercel.


CSS-in-JS, Gallery, Landing Page, Netlify, Portfolio, SEO, Styling:Other