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Updated Nov 9, 2022
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Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-portfolio-emilia
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-portfolio-emilia
A portfolio starter for Gatsby. The target audience are designers and photographers. The dark-themed website shows your work with large images in a grid-layout (powered by CSS Grid). The transition effects on the header add a playful touch to the overall minimal design. The website has programmatically created pages for your projects (with automatic image import). General settings and colors can be changed in a config & theme file.
  • Focus on big images (with gatsby-image)
  • Dark Theme with HeroPatterns Header
  • CSS Grid and styled-components
  • Page transitions
  • Cypress for End-to-End testing
  • react-spring animations
  • One-Page layout with sub-pages for projects
  • Create your projects in MDX (automatic import of images)
  • And other good stuff (SEO, Offline Support, WebApp Manifest Support)


CSS-in-JS, Linting, MDX, Portfolio, PWA, Testing, Transitions, v4-ga

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