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Updated Dec 8, 2023
Visit demo
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-minimal-blog https://github.com/LekoArts/gatsby-starter-minimal-blog
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-minimal-blog
This starter is part of a german tutorial series on Gatsby. The starter will change over time to use more advanced stuff (feel free to express your ideas in the repository). Its first priority is a minimalistic style coupled with a lot of features for the content.
  • Minimal and clean white layout
  • Write your blog posts in MDX
  • Offline Support, WebApp Manifest, SEO
  • Code highlighting (with prism-react-renderer) and live preview (with react-live)


Blog, CSS-in-JS, Linting, MDX, Netlify, PWA, v4-ga

Dependencies 13

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