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Updated Nov 11, 2022
Visit demo
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-portfolio-minimal-theme https://github.com/konstantinmuenster/gatsby-starter-portfolio-minimal-theme
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-portfolio-minimal-theme
Portfolio Minimal is a Gatsby Starter that lets you create your modern one-page portfolio within minutes. It has a clean yet expressive design and slick animations!
  • Cookie Consent Bar - Be ready for GDPR-compliant tracking.
  • Dark Mode - Based on user's preferences.
  • Quick and Easy Setup - Add content and deploy.
  • Content Integration via MDX - No external CMS needed.
  • Responsive Design - With freshening animations.
  • Medium Integration - Feature your latest articles.
  • Progressive Web App/PWA - Offline Support
  • Fast and Accessible
  • SEO



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