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Gatsby v2
Updated Aug 23, 2021
Install with gatsby-cli
npx gatsby new gatsby-personal-site-template
Screenshot of gatsby-personal-site-template
A minimalist dev portfolio featuring a blog, SEO, app-theming with React.Context, Bootstrap and Sass
  • Gatsby v2
  • Main page, Blog page, About page, Projects page, Resume page with dedicated pages for each blog-post and project
  • Uses Sass with Bootstrap to make styling super simple
  • Light/Dark mode for entire app using React's Context API
  • SEO enabled on each page with react-helmet
  • Features optimized image rendering using gatsby-image
  • Uses open source icons from Fontawesome and icons8
  • Uses icons as links to github, resume, hackerrank on main page
  • Programmatically generates styled pages for each blog post and project written in Markdown
  • Blog posts page features a live filter tool
  • Uses site metadata to populate About page
  • Resume page generated using template Markdown files


Blog, Bootstrap, Client-side App, Markdown, MDX, Portfolio, SCSS, SEO