Updated May 17, 2021
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-carraway
Install this starter locally:
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-carraway


Pagination, Search, Testing, TypeScript


a Gatsby starter theme with Accessibility features, TypeScript, Jest, some basic UI elements, and a CircleCI pipeline


  • Paginated post archive
  • Site search with Lunr.js
  • Categories and category archive pages
  • Minimal CSS defaults using styled-components, including system font stack
  • Some fundamental Accessibility features including tabbable navigation & "Skip to content" link
  • UI elements including multi-column layout using CSS Grid (with float fallback), header component with logo, basic navigation & search and a footer with 3-column layout, logo and 2 menu areas
  • TypeScript & Testing including some sensible TypeScript defaults, tests with @testing-library/react, pre-commit and pre-push hooks. Set up includes enums for repeating values such as font & background colours
  • Setup for a CircleCI pipeline so you can run the above tests in branches before merging to master
  • Markdown posts _and_ pages (pages don't appear in the post archive)