Updated Sep 12, 2021
Screenshot of gatsby-starter-catalyst-helium
Install this starter locally:
npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-catalyst-helium


Blog, MDX, PWA, SEO, Theme-UI


A personal blog starter with large featured images, SEO optimization, dark mode, and support for many different frontmatter fields. Based on Gatsby Theme Catalyst. Uses MDX for content and Theme UI for styling. Includes a core theme, a header theme, a footer theme, and a blog theme.


  • Based on Gatsby Theme Catalyst series of themes and starters.
  • Theme options are used to enable some simple layout changes.
  • Designed with component shadowing in mind to allow easier customization.
  • Theme UI is deeply integrated with design tokens and variants throughout.
  • Color mode switching available by default.
  • SEO optimized to include social media images and Twitter handles.
  • React Scroll for one page, anchor based navigation is available.
  • Code highlighting via Prism.