Updated Jun 14, 2021
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MDX, PWA, SEO, Styling:Theme-UI


A boilerplate starter to accelerate your Gatsby development process. Based on Gatsby Theme Catalyst. Uses MDX for content and Theme UI for styling. Includes a core theme, a header theme, and a footer theme.


  • Based on Gatsby Theme Catalyst series of themes and starters.
  • Theme options are used to enable some simple layout changes.
  • Latent component shadowing allows for easy shadowing and swapping of layout components such as the header and footer.
  • Theme UI is deeply integrated with design tokens and variants throughout.
  • Uses a Tailwind preset to enable you to focus on design elements.
  • Color mode switching available by default.
  • SEO optimized to include social media images and Twitter handles.
  • React Scroll for one page, anchor based navigation is available.
  • Code highlighting via Prism.