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v5.1 Release Notes

Welcome to gatsby@5.1.0 release (November 2022 #2)

This is the first minor release after the recent major release of Gatsby 5! We are focused on your feedback and implementing fixes as needed.

If you haven’t migrated yet, please refer to the migration guide. We’ve done our best to make the transition smooth!

Some brief notes about what Gatsby 5 brings to the table:

  • Slices API unlocks up to 90% reduction in build duration for content changes in highly shared components
  • Partial Hydration allows you to ship only the necessary JavaScript to the browser

Also check out notable bugfixes.

Bleeding Edge: Want to try new features as soon as possible? Install gatsby@next and let us know if you have any issues.

Previous release notes

Full changelog

Notable bugfixes & improvements

  • gatsby:
    • Fix writing of static query files when automatic sort and aggregation graphql codemod is run, via PR #36997
    • Fix graphql@16 peer dependency problems by migrating from express-graphql to graphql-http, via PR #37001
    • Use XState predictableActionArguments and upgrade to latest, via PR #36342
  • gatsby-core-utils:
    • Fix handling of non-ASCII characters in remote file download, via PR #35637
  • gatsby-plugin-google-gtag:
  • gatsby-graphiql-explorer
    • Fix refresh endpoint env var logic in GraphiQL v2 explorer, via PR #37032
  • gatsby-source-wordpress:
    • Fix store not containing auth credentials, via PR #37006
  • gatsby-transformer-csv:
    • Fix high memory consumption when loading large CSV file, via PR #36610


A big Thank You to our community who contributed to this release 💜

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