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v3.10 Release Notes

Welcome to gatsby@3.10.0 release (July 2021 #2)

Key highlights of this release:

Also check out notable bugfixes.

Bleeding Edge: Want to try new features as soon as possible? Install gatsby@next and let us know if you have any issues.

Previous release notes

Full changelog

Experimental: Parallel Query Running

Gatsby’s build process is composed of multiple steps (see our documentation for more details) and one step that will increase in time with more and more pages/nodes is query running. You’re seeing this step as run static queries and run page queries in your build log.

This step currently only runs in a singular process and the goal of Parallel Query Running is to spread out the work to multiple processes to better utilize available cores & memory. We’re using gatsby-worker (highly inspired by jest-worker) and lmdb-store to accomplish this. In Gatsby v3.7 we’ve added support for LMDB in Gatsby and are now leveraging this new data storage option to enable communication between the main process and the workers.

Depending on the type of queries you use you will see dramatic improvements in performance. You can try out different types of queries (and expected results) with the query-filters-sort benchmark. Toggle the feature flag for a before/after comparison.

Here are two examples:

  • Fast eq-uniq filter with GATSBY_CPU_COUNT=5 NUM_NODES=100000 NUM_PAGES=10000 FILTER=eq-uniq TEXT=1.
    • Before: run page queries - 3.787s - 10001/10001 2641.07/s
    • After: run queries in workers - 3.445s - 10001/10001 2903.34/s
    • For the already fast eq filters you will see smaller improvements compared to the slower filters like…
  • Slow gt filter with GATSBY_CPU_COUNT=5 NUM_NODES=10000 NUM_PAGES=10000 FILTER=gt TEXT=1:
    • Before: run page queries - 41.832s - 10001/10001 239.07/s
    • After: run queries in workers - 15.072s - 10001/10001 663.57/s
    • Huge improvements for more complex queries or filters that are not “Fast Filters”

To try it out in your own site, please make sure that you’re using Node v14.10 or later. Install lmdb-store as a dependency:

Then enable the config flag in your gatsby-config.js:

Please share your results, findings, and feedback in the PQR GitHub Discussion. You’ll also be able to read about known/common pitfalls there and possible solutions.

Experimental: webpack persistent caching for gatsby develop

After rolling out webpack 5 persistent caching for production builds in Gatsby v3.8 we’re now beginning the gradual rollout of it for gatsby develop. It greatly improves the startup time of the development server.

To use it, add a flag to your gatsby-config.js:

If you’re already using the FAST_DEV flag you’ll be using it automatically once you update to Gatsby v3.10. Please share your feedback in the GitHub Discussion.

Notable bugfixes & improvements

  • gatsby: Update postcss to 8.3.5 to remove deprecation warning on Node v16.
  • gatsby: Switched createRoot to hydrateRoot. Please note, this only applies if you use React 18 in Gatsby.
  • gatsby-source-wordpress: Check preview URL earlier and give better feedback, via PR #32251.
  • gatsby: Pass search and hash to window.location to final URL of redirect and after the service worker updated, via PR #32334 and PR #32323.
  • gatsby: Avoid the UNHANDLED REJECTION write EPIPE error when using Ctrl + C, via PR #32311 and PR #32356.
  • gatsby: When a gatsby build fails on e.g. missing data it now prints the page-data.json file for this page to give more context on what’s missing, via PR #32301.
  • gatsby-source-contentful: Support image corner radius from Image API, via PR #32333.
  • gatsby-source-contentful: Support metadata.tags property, via PR #31746.


A big Thank You to our community who contributed to this release 💜

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