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v2.28 Release Notes

Welcome to gatsby@2.28.0 release (December 2020 #1).

Key highlights of this release:

Other notable changes:

Sneak peek to next releases:

Bleeding Edge: Want to try new features as soon as possible? Install gatsby@next and let us know if you have any issues.

Previous release notes

Full changelog

New gatsby new

In previous release we added interactive way of scaffolding new gatsby project (with npm init gatsby). As of this release, gatsby new (without any addition arguments) will use the same flow.

Feature flags in gatsby-config.js

Gatsby traditionally used environment variables to use various modes or enable experimental features. This worked, but it was far from pleasant and had many issues, notably:

  • Setting environment variables has idiosyncrasies across platforms (it’s different for Windows and different for Linux or MacOS)
  • Forced using NPM scripts (and correlating environment variables in continuous deployment solutions like Gatsby Cloud)

No longer! Now you can use flags in gatsby-config.js, which will work the same regardless of which environment you’re on, where you’re deploying, and for every member of your team! Woo hoo!

To use those, add flags to your gatsby-config.js:

Currently supported flags:

  • DEV_SSR - Server-side render (SSR) pages on full reloads during develop. Helps you detect SSR bugs and fix them without needing to do full builds.
  • QUERY_ON_DEMAND - Only run queries when needed instead of running all queries upfront. Speeds starting the develop server.
  • LAZY_IMAGES - Don’t process images during development until they’re requested from the browser. Speeds starting the develop server (requires gatsby-plugin-sharp@^2.10.0). See Experimental: Lazy images in develop section for additional details.
  • FAST_DEV - Umbrella flag that enables DEV_SSR, QUERY_ON_DEMAND and LAZY_IMAGES features.
  • FAST_REFRESH - Use React Fast Refresh instead of the legacy react-hot-loader for instantaneous feedback in your development server. Recommended for versions of React >= 17.0.

Improved Fast Refresh integration

Gatsby had some support for react-refresh (or Fast Refresh as it can be referred to) already. The PR for a preliminary Fast Refresh integration added a custom overlay, better error recovery and in general a better communication between Gatsby’s dev server and React Fast Refresh. This will give you quicker feedback and an overall improved development experience.

To use it, add a flag to your gatsby-config.js:

Visit the umbrella issue about Fast Refresh to see preview images and give feedback.

Making gatsby develop faster

We continue working on speeding up your local development server. We need your help to test out these experiments and provide feedback, so please check ‘em out! 👇

Experimental: Lazy images in develop

As more and more images are added to a Gatsby site, the slower the local development experience oftentimes becomes. You spend time waiting for images to process, instead of you know, developing! No longer! This experimental version of gatsby-plugin-sharp only does image processing when the page gets requested.

To use it, make sure you have gatsby-plugin-sharp@^2.10.0 and add LAZY_IMAGES to flags in gatsby-config.js:

Details and discussion.

Image plugin helpers

This release adds new utility functions to help plugin authors add support for the new Gatsby image component. If you maintain a source plugin, or if you want to help with one, take a look at the RFC.

Experimental: New cache clearing behaviors

Gatsby aggressively clears its cache, sometimes too aggressively. Here’s a few examples:

  • You npm install a plugin, or update an existing
  • You change your gatsby-node.js and add a few log statements
  • You change your siteMetadata in gatsby-config.js to update your site’s title

In all of these cases, your cache is entirely cleared, which means that the next time you run gatsby develop the experience is slower than it needs to be. We’ll be working on this to ensure that your first run, and every run thereafter, is as quick and speedy as you expect!

We added two new flags for the webpack and downloaded files caches that when enabled, will preserve these caches across changes. We’ll be evaluating their impact and safety to assess whether these can soon be enabled, by default. Please test and give feedback!

To enable, modify your gatsby-config.js as follows:


The plugin is updated to the new major version of emotion: v11. Check out this post in emotion docs for updates.

Removed experimental lazy page bundling

In gatsby@2.27.0 we added Experimental: Lazy page bundling mode for gatsby develop that would delay compiling page templates until it was needed. While preliminary tests were very promising, we discovered few showstoppers that degraded development experience. We decided to end the experiment for now and shift our efforts to (experimental) new cache clearing behaviors.

Notable bugfixes

  • fix: hot reloading hangs on multiple fast saves in develop #28237
  • fix error: The result of this StaticQuery could not be fetched when static query is added #28349

Work in progress

Experimental: Parallel data sourcing

Plugin APIs in Gatsby run serially. Generally this what we want as most API calls are CPU/IO bound so things are fastest letting each plugin have the full undivided attention of your computer. But source plugins are often network bound as they’re hitting remote APIs and waiting for responses. We tried changing the invocation of sourceNodes to parallel on a few sites with 4+ source plugins and saw a big speedup on sourcing (40%+) as they were no longer waiting on each other to start their API calls.

This is a very “Your mileage may vary” situation — not all sites will notice any difference and also not all source plugins are network bound (gatsby-source-filesystem reads from the local machine). We’re looking at finding better heuristics so that all sites are as fast as possible at data sourcing but in the meantime, if you have sites with multiple source plugins, this could be a big help.

You can try it today using gatsby@next version and adding a flag to your gatsby-config.js:


A big Thank You to our community who contributed to this release 💜

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