Customize Default JS Tools

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where Gatsby’s default configuration just isn’t quite what you need for your site. If you should find yourself in this situation, have no fear

 Main Guides 4

How to add a custom webpack config

webpack handles Gatsby's bundling; modifying it allows anything from custom aliases for importing files to

How to customize the Babel config

Gatsby uses Babel to automatically "transpile" your code into a format that works for the most common browsers. To change the list of browsers, or to use stage 0 features, you can customize this config.

How to customize ESLint

ESLint is the most popular JS linter, helping you quickly identify code quality issues.

How to add TypeScript

Typescript extends JavaScript to include type definitions allowing codebases to be statically checked for soundness.

 Additional Guides 1

  • Specify Browser Support