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Learn what MDX is, and how you can use it when creating content for your Gatsby site.

What is MDX?

MDX is an extension to Markdown that lets you include JSX in Markdown documents. MDX makes it possible to include React components in your Gatsby blog posts and pages.

Markdown defines a plain text syntax for HTML elements such as h1, strong, and a, but still supports inline HTML. An example Markdown document follows.

MDX takes this one step further, and makes it possible to use JSX in your Markdown documents. Try making the figure element into a Figure component.

Now you can import this component into your Markdown document.

If you’re creating a Gatsby site from scratch, you can use npm init gatsby to kick off a new site with MDX. At the question “Would you like to install additional features with other plugins?” choose the option “Add Markdown and MDX support”.

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