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Configuring Plugin Usage with Plugin Options

Plugins loaded into a Gatsby site can have options passed in to customize how a plugin operates.

This guide refers to creating plugins, if you are looking for general information on using options with plugins refer to “Using a Plugin in Your Site”. If you are looking for options of a specific plugin, refer to its README.

Where to access plugin options

A Gatsby plugin with options included makes those options available in the second argument of Gatsby Node, Browser, and SSR APIs. Consider the following gatsby-config with a plugin called gatsby-plugin-console-log:

With the optionA, optionB, and message options passed into the plugin, the code for gatsby-plugin-console-log is able to access the values true, false, and Hello world by their keys.

For example, gatsby-plugin-console-log can access the message in order to log its value to the console inside of the onPreInit API:

The code above is called when gatsby develop or gatsby build is run. It takes the message from the options object in the config and logs it from pluginOptions.message when the onPreInit method is called.

The second argument passed into the function is where the options are held.

Like arguments in any JavaScript function, you can use a different (more specific) name like themeOptions if you are building a plugin that will be used as a theme.

What can be passed in as options

Any JavaScript data type can be passed in as an option.

The following table lists possible options values and an example plugin that makes use of them.

Data TypeSample ValueExample Plugin
Array["/about-us/", "/projects/*"]gatsby-plugin-offline
Object{ default: "./src/layout.js" }gatsby-plugin-mdx

Note: Themes (which are a type of plugin) are able to receive options from a site’s gatsby-config to be used in its gatsby-config in order to allow themes to be composed together. This is done by exporting the gatsby-config as a function instead of an object. You can see an example of this in the gatsby-theme-blog and gatsby-theme-blog-core repositories. Plugins are not capable of this functionality.

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