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Getting Started with MDX

The fastest way to get started with Gatsby + MDX is to use the MDX starter. This allows you to write .mdx files in src/pages in order to create new pages on your site.

🚀 Quick start

Use npm init gatsby to create a new site. At the question “Would you like to install additional features with other plugins?” choose the option “Add Markdown and MDX support”.

Add MDX to an existing Gatsby site

If you already have a Gatsby site that you’d like to add MDX to, you can follow these steps for configuring the gatsby-plugin-mdx plugin.

Alternatively, you may be looking to configure an existing blog site to use MDX. This blog post walks you through those steps in detail.

  1. Add gatsby-plugin-mdx and MDX as dependencies

  2. Update your gatsby-config.js to use gatsby-plugin-mdx

  3. Restart gatsby develop and add an .mdx page to src/pages

Note: If you want to query for frontmatter, exports, or other fields like tableOfContents and you haven’t previously added a gatsby-source-filesystem pointing at src/pages in your project, you’ll want to add one now.

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What’s next?

Go check out the writing MDX guide to find out what else you can do with Gatsby and MDX.

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