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Configuring CA Certificates

If you’re using a private (typically a corporate) package registry that requires a certificate from a CA (certificate authority), you may need to set up the certificate in your npm, yarn, and node config.

Common errors from misconfigured certificates

If you’re seeing errors like unable to get local issuer certificate in the console output while trying to install a Gatsby plugin, a misconfigured certificate might be the problem. This occurs particularly with plugins or themes that need to be built as native Node.js modules (e.g. gatsby-plugin-sharp). It may happen when installing packages from a private registry (via npm install or yarn install) without an appropriately setup certificate in config.

cafile config option

Both npm and yarn, support a cafile config option. You’ll have to add cafile as the key, and set the path to your certificate as the value.

Using npm to set cafile

To check the value of the certificate path at the cafile key, use the following command to list all keys in your npm config:

Using yarn to set cafile

You can now check values in your yarn config with the following command:

Using Node.js

Alternatively, you can also configure this for Node.js on your machine. Export the path to your certificate with the NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS variable:

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