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How Gatsby Actually Works

One-Click Global Deployment

No servers. No databases. Only files. Deploy your entire app or site to a CDN and forget about it with [Gatsby Cloud](https://www.gatsbyjs.com/products/cloud/hosting/).



Instead of app servers and databases, with operational complexity and downtime risk, Gatsby builds your site as files to be deployed to a CDN. Forget costly hosting bills and 3am pages — as long as your CDN is up, your Gatsby app or site will never go down.


Gatsby Cloud is a unified cloud platform for building, previewing, deploying, and hosting the best Gatsby Experiences on a CDN that’s insanely fast. Deploying and hosting your website on Gatsby Cloud gives your team the assurance that they are getting the best possible end user performance for their Gatsby powered website.

Deploying Gatsby Sites to Netlify

Netlify’s platform removes the hassle of managing CI/CD & hosting Gatsby sites. Updating your site is as simple as pushing new code.

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Deploying Gatsby Sites to S3

Combining Amazon Web Services S3 + Cloudfront provides an enterprise-grade CDN & hosting for Gatsby sites.

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