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Deploying Gatsby Sites To Netlify

Netlify provides a simple CI + hosting workflow for Gatsby sites. With webhooks and auto-deploys, you can set up Netlify to automatically deploy whenever your code changes.

Quick Links

  • Tutorial
  • Netlify Website

When Is Netlify a Good Idea?

Netlify is great for:

  • Teams who want a simple, automated deployment pipeline
  • Teams who want ecosystem tooling around websites, such as forms, A/B testing, and HTTPS.

Netlify is not-so-great for:

  • Projects with pre-existing CDN requirements
  • Your company requires all tools to be on-premises

What Does It Take to Implement Netlify?

Other hosting solutions often involve managing and configuring deployment pipelines & routing. With Netlify, their platform removes the hassle of managing CI/CD. They take your code and give you back a site.

Hooking up Gatsby to Netlify takes just a few minutes:

  1. Create a Netlify account
  2. Connect your Netlify account to your code repository (Github / Gitlab / Bitbucket) via OAuth.
  3. Set up webhooks between any CMS systems you’re using as a source for your Gatsby site.
  4. Relax as your website auto-deploys on each code or content change.

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