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Gatsby Cloud has support for projects organized as monorepos, but since there are different competing tools to build a monorepo it’s important to know what Gatsby Cloud supports today.

This document will explain which tools are supported and how you can troubleshoot issues.

Supported tools

The following table shows the level of support for each tool.


IconFeature Capability
Fully Supported
Somewhat Supported (support is minimal )
Not Supported


Tool.Level of SupportNotes
Yarn Workspaces (v1)
Yarn Workspaces (v2/v3 with PnP)
NPM Workspaces (v7 and onwards)
NXFull support for detecting and installing dependencies
TurborepoWe do not have plans to support Turborepo at this time.
pnpmIf you want to see this feature, upvote the request


PnP and Yarn compatibility issues

Some tools don’t work under Plug’n’Play environments, check the Yarn compatibility table. You can enable the built-in node-modules plugin by adding the following into your local .yarnrc.yml file before running a fresh yarn install:

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