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API Files

Gatsby uses 4 files in the root of your project to configure your site and control its behavior. Both sites and plugins may implement these files. All of these files are optional.

  • gatsby-config.js/gatsby-config.ts - Enables plugins, defines common site data, and contains other site configuration that integrates with Gatsby’s GraphQL data layer.
  • gatsby-browser.jsx/gatsby-browser.tsx - Gives you control over Gatsby’s behavior in the browser. For example, responding to a user changing routes, or calling a function when the user first opens any page.
  • gatsby-node.js/gatsby-node.ts - Allows you to respond to events in the Gatsby build cycle. For example, adding pages dynamically, editing GraphQL nodes as they are created, or performing an action after a build is complete.
  • gatsby-ssr.jsx/gatsby-ssr.tsx - Exposes Gatsby’s server-side rendering process so you can control how it builds your HTML pages.
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