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Resources for Using Gatsby With Contentstack

Jeff James
May 23rd, 2022

As a leading front-end framework for the headless web, Gatsby pairs well with any headless CMS. That’s particularly true with Contentstack, one of the leading enterprise-focused headless CMS platforms. If you’re looking to get started with using Gatsby with Contentstack, we’ve compiled a helpful selection of resources — from Gatsby, Contentstack, and elsewhere—that can help you and your team get a head start on your next Gatsby + Contentstack project. 

Gatsby Resources for Contentstack Deployments

One of the most useful places to get resources for your Gatsby + Contentstack deployment is here on the Gatsby website, where we’ve collected a number of useful resources on our Using Gatsby with Contentstack landing page. We also offer a more detailed guide focused on Sourcing from Contentstack that explains how to hook up Gatsby to a new or existing Contentstack site, including code samples and other more technical information.  Related documentation includes a Connecting to Contentstack How-To Guide that provides additional integration tips. 

Gatsby and Contentstack Plugins

The Gatsby framework has a number of plugins related to Gatsby and Contentstack, with some of the most popular listed below. 

Gatsby Source Contentstack plugin

Gatsby and Contentstack Case Studies

Learning how other developers have used Gatsby and Contentstack together is often helpful, so we’ve presented a few below.

How SAP Uses Gatsby and Contentstack to Boost Page Speed

Third-Party Gatsby + Contentstack  Resources

Everything we’ve linked in this post so far has been content hosted on the Gatsby website, but there’s also a wealth of excellent tutorials and other information about using Gatsby with Contentstack from the wider web development community. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are some of the best non-Gatsby resources you may want also want to review. 

Contentstack: Getting Started with Gatsby

Contentstack: Build a Multilingual Website with Gatsby

If you know of any additional Gatsby + Contentstack community resources that haven’t been listed here, please reach out to me on Twitter (@jeffjames3) and I’ll add them to the list. 


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