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Using Gatsby with Contentstack

Use Gatsby for UI and Contentstack for managing and delivering content to create powerful apps and websites that are secure, scalable, and flexible.

Quick Links

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  • Documentation
  • Contentstack Website

When is Contentstack a Good Idea?

Contentstack is great for:

  • Creating content once and distributing it across various channels such as web, mobile, and IoT
  • Projects with custom content models or complex page/app structure
  • Dynamic content that changes frequently
  • Projects that involve multiple stages of content creation, review, and approval

Contentstack is not-so-great for:

  • Teams not comfortable with APIs
  • Companies that require on-premise installations

What Does It Take To Implement Contentstack?

Contentstack integrates with Gatsby seamlessly.

Contentstack is a cloud-based, SaaS headless CMS that lets you create digital properties, manage content and deliver it across any digital channel, including web, mobile and IoT devices. It offers robust content modeling as well as content management capabilities. Using these features along with Gatsby’s powerful UI tools and framework enable you to create amazing websites, apps, and e-commerce portals in minutes.

Here’s how easy it is to create a website using Contentstack and Gatsby:

  1. Create an account with Contentstack.
  2. Create a stack, add and publish your content.
  3. Add and configure our Contentstack plugin for Gatsby.
  4. Access your content using Contentstack’s GraphQL queries.

That’s all there is to it. :-) Please see the links below for additional information and helpful resources.

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