Gatsby Source Imgur Albums Plugin

This Gatsby plugin allows to “source” Imgur albums into what Gatsby calls nodes.

Inspired by gatsby-imgur-gallery-albums which was unfortunately not updated in the last years.

Dependencies (optional)

This plugin was tested using the gatsby-plugin-image plugin.

How to install

Please include installation instructions here.

Gatsby documentation uses npm for installation. This is the recommended approach for plugins as well.

If the plugin is a theme that needs to use yarn, please point to the documentation for switching package managers in addition to the yarn-based instructions.

Available options (if any)

When do I use this plugin?

This plugin is useful if you want to add images from Imgur albums to your Gatsby site.

Examples of usage

Add the plugin into your site’s gatsby-config.js file:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-source-imgur-albums`,
      options: {
        clientId: "XXXXXX", // register a new app at and select "Anonymous usage without user authorization"
        albumHashes: ['abc', 'def'], // checkout to get the ID of your album
        debug: false, // if true, some debug messages are logged
        apiUrl: "https://...." // if not set, is used per default

How to query for data

    imgurAlbums: allImgurAlbum {
      nodes {
        images {
          localFile {
            childImageSharp {
              gatsbyImageData(width: 200)