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A gatsby plugin to beautify links by previewing them.


✨ Features

This plugin has two main features:

  • It adds a screenshot of the link’s target page to the link’s tooltip. When hovering over the link it will show the screenshot.
  • It embeds card with the link’s target website information in the page. It only does this in the situation below.

The example below are using the twitter-card themes.


🚚 Installation

npm install gatsby-remark-link-beautify


yarn add gatsby-remark-link-beautify

This plugin requires gatsby-transformer-remark.

🔦 Usage

  1. Enable the plugin in your gatsby-config.js

    // In your gatsby-config.js
    plugins: [
            resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`,
            options: {
                plugins: [`gatsby-remark-link-beautify`],


    // In your gatsby-config.js
    plugins: [
            resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`,
            options: {
                plugins: [
                        resolve: `gatsby-remark-link-beautify`,
                        options: {
                            // your options here
  2. Load the plugin’s CSS

    // In your gatsby-browser.js
    import 'gatsby-remark-link-beautify/themes/notion.css';

    There are two themes available: notion.css and twitter-card.css. Choose your preferred theme or just load a custom one.

After that, you can use the plugin in two ways:


Using link in markdown as normal:

[Gatsby](https://www.gatsbyjs.org/) is a free and open source framework for developing blazing fast websites and apps.

Then the plugin will add a screenshot of the link’s target page to the link’s tooltip. When hovering over the link it will show the screenshot.


Using link in markdown with the delimiter in a single line:

This is the Github repository:


Then the plugin will embed a card with the link’s target website information in the page.

🔧 Options

Name Type Default Description
delimiter string $card Title of the link to create a card
timeout number 30000 Default timeout(ms) for puppeteer
enableLinkPreview boolean true Whether to generate preview images or not
screenshotQuality number 80 The quality of the screenshot images in %
showFavicon boolean true Whether to show the favicon or not
browserNumer number 3 Number of browsers launched
puppeteerLaunchArgs array [] Arguments for puppeteer launch
error object {title: 'Not Found Site'} Default config when error

About browserNumer

browserNumer is the number of browsers launched. This plugin will open 5 tabs per browser at most, so 15 pages can be handled at the same time in default. It is recommended to set browserNumer depending on the size of your memory.

About puppeteerLaunchArgs

puppeteerLaunchArgs will be passed into puppeteer.launch as args arguments, where you can configure puppeteer launch parameters directly.

🚑️ Troubleshooting

Gatsby Cloud

Since Gatsby Cloud does not support any custom binaries or WASM packages like Puppeteer (see Gatsby issue 20970 and Gatsby issue 31839). So projects that rely on this plugin may have unpredictable problems (e.g., errors, timeouts) when building on Gatsby Cloud, please choose to remove this plugin or migrate your project to another service that supports Puppeteer (e.g. Netlify).


Version 1.2.x and 2.0.x of this plugin will use the sharp to resize screenshots. According to the gatsby-plugin-sharp documentation, it might cause some issues when there are multiple incompatible versions of the sharp dependency in different packages. If you encounter such issues, please update the dependencies according to the official documentation mentioned above.

better solution: It is recommended to use the 2.1.0 or higher version of this plugin. Which no longer relies on sharp, but calls the method of the official plugin gatsby-plugin-sharp to process screenshots.

💡 Inspiration

This plugin is inspired by gatsby-remark-link-preview, and added some of my thoughts. Such as customizing the component’s style, don’t show the error message on the card if fetch meta data failed (because the SEO of some websites may not be perfect) and previewing all links with the screenshot. Due to excessive changes, I decided to make a new plugin.

Thanks to @lichin-lin and @JaeYeopHan

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