Just the basics, please.

This is not a design theme. It just provides some essential components on which to build a basic site.

Note: Latest version (2.x) requires Gatsby 3.


  • Google Analytics
  • XML sitemap and robots.txt
  • Menu component
  • Image-ready*

* Includes both gatsby-plugin-image and the older gatsby-image until the former is more broadly supported.

For a full list of included plugins, see the package.json file.


npm i @laradevitt/gatsby-theme-just-basics


yarn add @laradevitt/gatsby-theme-just-basics


Fork the monorepo and run the starter from the workspaces root (requires Yarn):

yarn workspace gatsby-starter-just-basics gatsby develop


gatsby-config.js (example)

module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    title: 'Example Website',
    siteUrl: 'https://example.com',
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-theme-just-basics`,
      options: {
        menuLinks: [
            menuName: 'main',
            path: '/about',
            label: 'Top Level Page',
            level: '0',
            weight: '1',
            parentPath: null,
            menuName: 'main',
            path: '/about/portfolio',
            label: 'Portfolio',
            level: '1',
            weight: '1',
            parentPath: '/about',
        // For more options, see docs for gatsby-plugin-google-gtag.
        analytics: {
          trackingIds: ['X-XXXXXXXXXX'],
          gtagConfig: {
            anonymize_ip: true,
        // For more options, see docs for gatsby-plugin-sitemap.
        xmlsitemap: {
          exclude: ['/thank-you'],
          output: '/sitemap.xml',
        // For more options, see docs for gatsby-plugin-robots-txt.
        robotstxt: {
          policy: [
            { userAgent: '*', disallow: ['/'] },

The Menu component outputs a hierarchical list-style menu based on the settings in menuLinks. It sets active class for active item and active-trail class for active trail. It doesn’t do anything special beyond that. Use wrapperClass to pass classes to the <nav> element.

The activePath property is required. You can use the location object, a dynamically generated path (such as in a template file), or any old path.

To do: add optional home link.


import Menu from '@laradevitt/gatsby-theme-just-basics/src/components/Menu';

export default ({ location }) => {
  return (
    <Layout location={location}>
        wrapperClass="menu main"

Example using a dynamically generated path:

  wrapperClass="menu breadcrumb"