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Using Gatsby With DatoCMS

Digital agencies and businesses of any size can leverage DatoCMS with Gatsby to offer an intuitive web-interface to content creators, enabling them to publish updates without the intervention of a developer, all inside a structured editorial workflow.

Quick Links

  • Tutorial
  • Documentation
  • DatoCMS Website

When Is DatoCMS a Good Idea?

DatoCMS is great for:

  • Managing pages with complex layouts
  • Big teams with multiple roles and structured editorial workflows
  • Projects that need to reuse the same content on different digital products

DatoCMS is not-so-great for:

  • Projects that need content to be stored on Git repository
  • Companies that require on-premises software
  • User-generated content (e.g. comments)

What Does It Take to Implement DatoCMS?

DatoCMS enables developers and content-creators to create and manage content and information from an intuitive and familiar web-interface, instead of having to work with Markdown files and code editors. DatoCMS is designed to be accessible to non-developers, but is flexible enough to be fully customised to store any kind of complex content.

As DatoCMS is a cloud-based SaaS, your development team does not need to install/maintain any additional software. Once you create your DatoCMS account, you’ll be instantly able to:

  1. Create a new project, which will be the container for all your website content and assets
  2. Define the structure of the content your team will manage inside the DatoCMS web interface
  3. Invite your team, give them proper roles and permissions, and let them insert content

Using content coming from DatoCMS in Gatsby is possible in three steps using the DatoCMS source plugin:

  1. Add the DatoCMS plugin to your Gatsby website;
  2. Configure the plugin with your DatoCMS project API token;
  3. Access your data using GraphQL queries.


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