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Basic Hardware and Software Requirements

Find the latest hardware and software requirements for building with Gatsby. Note: this doc will evolve as the framework evolves, so if you find something that’s outdated please open an issue with your findings.

Operating Systems


This will be variable depending on the size of your site. Gatsby sites have been known to work from 500mb to 1GB of RAM.

Node.js ecosystem

To develop with Gatsby, you’ll need to install:

  • Node.js 14.15.0 (LTS) or higher
  • npm or Yarn 1 package manager to install the Gatsby CLI and site dependencies.
    • npm is recommended for most developers.
    • Yarn is used for authoring Gatsby themes.
    • Yarn is also used for developing Gatsby itself, as well as its websites.
    • Note: while Yarn 2 should work with Gatsby’s core plugins, some 3rd-party plugins do not.
    • There’s a command to tell the Gatsby CLI which package manager to use.

It’s possible to use Gatsby without the CLI, which relies on public GitHub access. See docs for more info.

Browser versions

  • This is the same as React DOM, as Gatsby uses React to build websites.
    • IE9+ (with polyfills) and popular modern browsers.
  • See more on browser support.
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