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Now Hiring: Vice President, Marketing

We're looking for a seasoned marketing leader to channel and multiply the raw energy and passion around Gatsby.


Peter Drucker said there are only two things that matter in a business: marketing and innovation. The Gatsby team has built an incredible open-source website tool that is spreading virally among a passionate group of developers. Marketing at Gatsby isn’t just done by the marketing department --- given that 60% of users find out about Gatsby through friends and colleagues, it’s done by almost the entire product and engineering team, plus wildly enthusiastic community evangelists and technology educators. (Take a look at the Gatsby Twitter account!)

Your job as the VP of Marketing will be to channel the raw energy and passion around Gatsby within the team and community into a multiplier for the whole company and ecosystem. We’ve been blasting a wide variety of messages through a number of channels to a number of personas --- you’ll need to mind-meld with each of the personas of Gatsby users, in order to take these efforts from very good to amazing.

You’ll need this finger-tip feeling for our users because in a world where detailed attribution around the most important metric (monthly active open-source Gatsby users) is almost impossible, you’ll need to find the channels that matter and messages that resonate and relentlessly home in on them.

This is a challenging role demanding a special person because marketing is not silo-ed at Gatsby. In addition to leading marketing, you’ll have several cross-functional responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Role

Leading the Marketing Function

  • Lead all aspects of the Marketing function, including the three pillars of users (Developer Marketing, User Marketing, and Enterprise Marketing) and their many functions (Events, Demand Generation, Webinars, Content, Public Relations, and Social Media). These responsibilities are vital to achieving Gatsby’s strategic goals and its mission to revolutionize the web community.  

  • Rapidly scale the marketing function, developing an understanding of the Gatsby community and its strengths while designing a top-notch marketing execution plan and building a robust marketing engine.

  • Define and execute a high-leverage marketing plan while embracing and confronting the challenges of attribution for open-source users. Metrics should shape expected MAU growth (open source community) and revenue growth

Partnering in Product Strategy

  • Be a key partner with the product development teams, playing a role in shaping strategy and determining the features shipped and not shipped.

  • Forge relationships with key industry analysts, supporting sales efforts to drive business, and gain market intelligence to enhance products and position.

Crafting Open Source Messaging

  • Craft open source messaging, channeling deep empathy for developers and using all media avenues available

  • Quickly expand the sense that Gatsby is Everywhere from highly-connected modern frontend developer circles to broader and broader audiences

Shaping Place (Channel & Distribution)

  • Define channel strategies and help make business decisions

  • Articulate Gatsby’s vision and strategy through compelling customer stories that inspire, motivate, and lead to revenue generation. 

  • Drive brand development that will create a product market fit and “stickiness” for both the open source developer community and Fortune 500 enterprises

  • Lead the development and execution of partnerships and programs, driving engagement in the Gatsby ecosystem and constantly testing and measuring old and new ideas

Designing Metrics

  • Collaborate in the creation of Gatsby’s performance metrics, including user engagement, customer acquisition cost, etc.

Building a Team

  • Source and recruit a talented team, both through a network of contractors & freelancers as well as marketers with skills that are uniquely relevant to Gatsby.

  • Emphasize Gatsby’s core mission and values throughout the team and organization.

Ideal Qualifications

The VP of Marketing is capable of being a broader cross-functional leader at Gatsby. This leader has strong business skills, not only fulfilling marketing functions but also helping other orgs such as product, sales, growth and finance answer the most important business and strategic questions. The VP of Marketing has:

  • Owned a marketing function for developer focused software products. Ideally, has built and led the marketing group from the ground up at a company at a similar stage.

  • Experience with open source and developer community branding.

  • Worked deeply in product marketing and/or product management. Experience in developer relations or previous technical roles is a big plus. 

  • Created go-to-market strategies that required analysis and experimentation with multiple points of sales entry, especially the IT and developer ecosystems.

  • Created compelling stories that inspired decision-makers and helped products rise above the din of a crowded marketplace.

  • Owned content for sales enablement, analyst relations, and public relations.

  • Represented company to external audiences, including speaking at major industry events.

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