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Now Hiring: Staff Software Engineer, Cloud Team (Front End)

Gatsby’s Cloud Team is a small team with a million interesting problems to solve. Combine your keen design sense and stellar frontend engineering skills to take our team to the next level -- and change the future of the web.

Due to the overwhelming volume of candidates, we are pausing new applications for this position. We may re-open this role in the future.

About us

Gatsby is a remote-first, community-focused team working to build a high-performance, fun to use, astonishingly flexible presentation layer for any data source. Our core values include transparency (we work in public most of the time); creating a safe, high-trust team; building incredible developer experiences; maintaining a healthy working environment; and helping deliver web experiences that feel amazing to use on every device and connection type.

Details of the role

  • Type of Work: Full-time employee
  • Location: Remote (US or International). Preference for UTC-8 to UTC+4.

Your Opportunity

As a core member of our growing team, you will work closely with the rest of our design, engineering, and product teams to turn ideas into tangible user experiences. You’ll combine your keen design sense, stellar frontend engineering skills, and the right technologies to turn these ideas into user-facing features that they’ll love.

Why we’re hiring

Gatsby is growing fast, and we want to build products that make our user’s projects easier to manage, scale, and improve. The Cloud Team is small with a million interesting problems to solve.

The team’s mission is to extend Gatsby into the cloud — create everything that Gatsby will or could need in the cloud. This includes:

  • Creating a supercharged, specialized compiler in the cloud. Features like incremental and parallel builds, GraphQL backends and image processing as a service will help establish
  • Enhance individual developer productivity by enhancing their workflow. From generating a new version of a Gatsby site every time a developer saves a file, to visual diffing between versions of Gatsby sites.
  • Enable team collaboration on Gatsby projects, especially including non-technical team members. Building on the Gatsby Preview product, and upcoming CI functionality, create features like commenting on live previews, CI reports & dashboards visualizing performance, accessibility, and link checking on a per-commit basis,
  • Each of these goals — each of these features — need extensive backend work and creative, thoughtful user-focused frontend development. This is far above and beyond what our users are expecting — but exactly what they need.

The goal is to create a seamless, intuitive transition between local and cloud environments, between individual workflows on their own machine and hosted compute jobs in the cloud.

You’ll be working closely with product and design, and working alongside and helping mentor team members, in order to realize this vision.

What you’ll do on a day-to-day basis

  • Take ownership of UI features from mockup to live feature. You’ll shape and guide the direction of crucial new UI features, including our payment system and dashboards. Figma mockup to live feature in hours, not weeks.
  • Take our design system to the next level. Our design system, powered by tools like React, Storybook, and more backs our Cloud platform. You’ll add new components and your attention to detail will further tighten up and improve our consistency and usability across all of our products.
  • Work daily with tools you love. Eg Node.js, React, and Gatsby. Your expertise with these tools will enable you to ship impactful, polished features quickly and directly to the end-user utilizing the power of the modern JavaScript ecosystem.
  • Measure, respond, and iterate on user metrics. What does success look like? You tell us. You’ll work with Product and Data to help define and measure success — then influence it through building out A/B testing capabilities, and measuring engagement and effectiveness.
  • Ship. Early and often. As a member of the Cloud team you’ll iterate and ship frequently. You’ll have a real impact on the end-user experience and you’ll love working on a team that builds stunning UIs and prioritizes delivering real user value as often as possible.

Experience you should have:

  • Expertise in JavaScript (ES2015+) and/or TypeScript. The Gatsby Cloud team is a JavaScript team with multiple Node.js backend applications and a React frontend, so strong familiarity with the language is important.
  • Knowledge of web performance best practices, measurement techniques, and a deep seated drive to build high-quality, high-performance web applications.
  • A track record demonstrating an eye for design and solving real world user problems. If you have a knack for shipping beautiful, intuitive software, we want you on our team.
  • Experience building and shipping production code in a team setting with a passion for writing tested, performant, and high-quality code.

Note: This role is called “Staff Software Engineer” because we’re looking for someone who would come in at what we’d internally consider “Staff” level. We have engineering levels within Gatsby to help share expected levels of responsibility.

Experience it would be nice if you had, but isn’t required:

  • You have experimented with MDX and have some thoughts about design systems and best practices. The front-end ecosystem is ever-changing, so in an effort to understand the “new hotness” you may have explored MDX to document your component library. Perhaps you’ve even built a design system powered by MDX with Gatsby!
  • You’ve contributed to open-source projects, and have personal projects to discuss. Perhaps you’ve fixed a pesky bug in a library you love, or perhaps you’ve written a few of your own (note: libraries, not bugs; but we know how it goes!). A weekend project to build something just to build something for yourself, merely to see if it was possible!
  • You’ve used GraphQL before. You may have experimented a bit with GraphQL on a personal toy project. We use GraphQL heavily in Gatsby Cloud, so it’s a plus to have some level of familiarity.
  • Familiarity with Kubernetes. You may not deeply understand Kubernetes, but you may have used kubectl before to check out logs or restart a pod.

The best parts of this job

  • You’ll be at the cutting edge of website development — working on one of the fastest-growing site building frameworks on the market, digging into the Gatsby’s innovatively architected codebase and build system, using modern tools such as Node, React, and GraphQL.
  • Work with an amazing team who is here to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Your role will be key to making Gatsby the next way to build on the web — and a technology that enables the next billion internet users.

The worst parts of this job

  • Shifting context. You may necessarily have to shift context and dive into a different feature before the current one is done. It may even be in an area of the code base you’re unfamiliar with or don’t have a ton of understanding about. It’s fun, rewarding work, but it can be very challenging.
  • We move quickly, but don’t sacrifice quality. We ship. Early, often, and quickly. You may not be initially comfortable with the cadence we ship high-quality features and improvements to end users.

Benefits We Offer

  • 3 months of paid parental leave covering both adoption and foster placement
  • Unlimited vacation policy, with a minimum of 15 days paid vacation time
  • Amazing health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family (US only)
  • Skip the commute with remote work
  • Fly to cool locations 3x/year for company-wide meetups
  • Stock options in a fast-growing startup
  • Gatsby Sabbatical: 4 weeks paid vacation after 4 years tenure

Our Hiring Process

Gatsby is an equal opportunity employer. We eagerly seek applicants of diverse backgrounds and hire without regard to race, color, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, physical abilities (or disability), age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Cultivating inclusivity and diversity is a top priority.

Headhunters and recruitment agencies may not submit resumes/CVs through this website or directly to managers. Gatsby does not accept unsolicited headhunter and agency resumes, and will not pay fees to any third-party agency or company that does not have a signed agreement with Gatsby.

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