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Now Hiring: Engineering Manager, Open Source

We are looking for an experienced Engineering Manager to lead the team dedicated to driving Gatsby’s open source project. Join us in our mission to make website development fun by making it simple.

About us

Gatsby is a remote-first, community-focused team working to build a high-performance, fun to use, accessible, and astonishingly flexible presentation layer for any data source. Our core values include transparency (our work is public most of the time); creating a safe, high-trust team; building incredible developer experiences; maintaining a healthy working environment; and helping deliver web experiences that feel amazing to use on every device and connection type.

Details of the role

Type of Work: Full-time employee Location: Remote

Why we need you

Gatsby is the future of the web, and the web is an incredibly diverse ecosystem. This means we need leaders who can intuitively appreciate the value that the commercial services we build offer customers. The open source team is expanding rapidly and we need someone with a deep understanding of the very cool technology, but an equally profound sense of empathy required to grow both individual contributors and future leaders in this critical part of our company.

Why this is interesting

Gatsby is a wildly popular open-source framework that is changing the architecture of the web. The open-source team is responsible for driving the roadmap for the large and complex codebase that is Gatsby.js. Between their own contributions and the community, they merge nearly 500 pull requests in a typical month. You’ll help lead the team in not only tackling key technological challenges, but also bolstering and focusing community contributions.

Your responsibilities

You will be responsible for people, projects, and processes. You will partner with your team and peers to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment through empathy, not just inside engineering, but across all the teams in Gatsby, and beyond to the open source community.

  • Wrangle many timezones and introduce remote work best practices, as you will lead a geographically diverse team.

  • Exercise good judgement in interacting with the enthusiastic community, as an exemplar for your team in this area.

  • Partner with Product and Design to find the best blend of quality, agility, and work/life sanity.

  • Make sure your team is fully equipped for their job, including:

    • Context - make sure they know what is happening outside engineering
    • Vision - make sure they know what it coming next, even if we’re not there yet
    • Skills - ensure that each team member grows and feels confident in delivery
    • Tools - choose and evolve the dev environment (with the team’s input)
    • Processes - hand-in-hand with tools, make sure that we’re continuously evolving our planning and dev approach to have just enough structure to keep us on track
    • Empower your team members by offering them clear ownership of technical challenges in a world where you and other leaders are still wearing many hats and finding the ones with the best fit.
    • Collaborate with other engineering managers to evolve the management practices at Gatsby. We’re all learning more every day!

This might be you if you….

  • Have successfully managed people, including recruiting and hiring, coaching, mentoring, evaluating, and promoting.
  • Have experience working with (and ideally contributing to, or managing) open source communities and products.
  • Have strong communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Genuinely enjoy helping people, both inside the company and out.
  • Have a consistent track record of delivering high-quality software in regular, iterative releases through coordinating a remote team.
  • Are able to coordinate and work with teams and stakeholders across the organization, and even beyond the company, including effective project management skills in an environment where you may not control many of the variables.
  • Have previous experience with React, Node.js, and GraphQL. Gatsby is built on React, Node, and GraphQL, so you should be experienced with usage and the syntax.
  • Have strong empathy and a willingness to define the nuances of team roles (including your own!) as you go.

The best parts of this job

  • The people and culture of a team genuinely invested in building something great.
  • You’ll be helping curate one of the most popular, fastest growing open source frameworks in the world.
  • You’ll be leading a group of supportive, talented, and friendly people towards delivering a great framework and developer experience.
  • You’ll have the opportunity (even expectation) to constantly learn and innovate, in both tech approaches and process definition.
  • Your role will be key to making Gatsby the next way to build on the web—and a technology that enables the next billion internet users.
  • You will get to look back on this time as the “early, exciting days” of Gatsby. You’ll get to watch members of your team become future leaders and luminaries in a space that isn’t fully defined or formed yet.

The worst parts of this job (maybe)

  • The community and our team aren’t always operating as equals, and don’t always have perfectly aligned motivations. Your job includes the unenviable task of helping us figure out the right focus in a variety of complex situations, and with a wide range of (understandable, but sometimes mutually exclusive) community expectations.
  • We’re all still figuring a lot of stuff out. Things can feel unstructured or messy. Part of your job is to smooth out what we collectively don’t like. And that can be hard.
  • The company is growing fast, which means lots of people wearing lots of hats, and sometimes exchanging them for new ones. Doing this while protecting a team (or individual’s) sense of ownership and security is hard. And it’s part of this job. Sorry.
  • Product and strategic direction can change. We’re building a whole new area of growth in an absolutely huge potential market. Absorbing (and/or pushing back as you see fit) that change so your team doesn’t feel unnecessary churn is also hard. And also part of this job. Still sorry.


  • Unlimited vacation policy, with a minimum of 15 days paid vacation time
  • Amazing health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family (US only)
  • Skip the commute with remote work
  • 3 months of paid parental leave covering both adoption and foster placement
  • Fly to cool locations 3x/year for company-wide meetups
  • Stock options in a fast-growing startup
  • Gatsby Sabbatical: 4 weeks of paid vacation after 4 years tenure

Equal Opportunity Statement

Gatsby is an equal opportunity employer. We eagerly seek applicants of diverse backgrounds and hire without regard to race, color, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, physical abilities (or disability), age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Cultivating inclusivity and diversity is a top priority.

Headhunters and recruitment agencies may not submit resumes/CVs through this website or directly to managers. Gatsby does not accept unsolicited headhunter and agency resumes, and will not pay fees to any third-party agency or company that does not have a signed agreement with Gatsby.

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