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GatsbyCamp Fall '21

Learn everything you need to know about how to Scale with Gatsby and discover new ways to stretch the size, flexibility, and complexity of your sites.

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What To Expect From Camp On Demand

We brought together some of the best engineering and digital leaders in the Gatsbyverse for our one day camp event to immerse you in Jamstack education.

• Hear talks from the world’s largest companies using the Jamstack

• Learn from Gatsby experts that help support the OS project

• A fireside chat with the Gatsby team

• Exciting Product announcements

Who You'll Watch

Kyle Mathews Gatsby icon

Kyle Mathews

Founder & CTO


 Dustin Schau Gatsby icon

Dustin Schau

VP of Engineering


Megan Sullivan Gatsby icon

Megan Sullivan

Senior Software Engineer, Documentation


Chris Marts Aloysius Butler & Clark icon

Chris Marts
Aloysius Butler & Clark

I.T. Director / Tech Lead


Benedicte Raae Lilly Labs icon

Benedicte Raae
Lilly Labs



Nikan Shahidi Webstacks icon

Nikan Shahidi

Founder & CEO


Abhi Aiyer Gatsby icon

Abhi Aiyer

Principal Engineer, Tech Lead


Ward Peeters Gatsby icon

Ward Peeters

Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead


Molly Misek Gatsby icon

Molly Misek

Senior Product Designer


Grayson Hicks Gatsby icon

Grayson Hicks

Senior Software Engineer, Customer Success


Patrick Sullivan Gatsby icon

Patrick Sullivan

Senior Product Manager


Lennart Jörgens Gatsby icon

Lennart Jörgens

Senior Software Engineer


Kirsten Lambertsen Gatsby icon

Kirsten Lambertsen

Senior Product Manager


Order of Appearance

You can find more details about each of the talks here on the Gatsby Blog. Register to watch and enjoy!  

Welcome back to GatsbyCamp!

with Kirsten Lambertsen  

What’s New and What’s Coming?

with Dustin Schau  

To Gatsby 4 and Beyond!

with Abhi Aiyer  

What React 18+ Unlocks for Gatsby

with Ward Peeters  

Docs for Everyone!

with Megan Sullivan  

Parallel Query Running with Gatsby 4

with Patrick Sullivan & Lennart Jörgens  

Native React 18 Code-Splitting with Gatsby

with Grayson Hicks  

Scale Your Website With Flexible Content Models

with Nikan Shahidi  

Add Flexibility to Your Site with Gatsby Functions

with Benedicte Raae  

Gatsby for Agency Web Teams

with Chris Marts  

🔥 Fireside Chat with the Gatsby Team

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