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Product Experience Management with Gatsby: Delivering A Rich E-Commerce Experience

By Garrett Dimon on April 13th, 2021

When StriVectin was ready to upgrade their e-commerce experience, they knew they had an abundance of structured content for their products that didn’t fit conveniently in Shopify's standard product fields. Luckily, Gatsby's content mesh approach made it easy for them to plug in a complementary headless CMS. The team chose Prismic which enabled them to create a much richer experience with detailed information on StriVectin’s product.

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GatsbyConf Q&A: Joel Varty on the State of the Jamstack

By Michelle Gienow on February 8th, 2021

Joel Varty, president of Agility CMS, will be speaking at GatsbyConf on March 2nd! His presentation "Architecting Fullstack Solutions in a Jamstack World" will show why Jamstack architecture is more than just a frontend and discuss the kinds of solutions that Jamstack is great at solving. Joel will also demonstrate how you can add existing APIs onto your Jamstack solution -- and how you can build new APIs to solve unique customer problems. We caught up with Joel for a quick pre-conf chat about Gatsby and the Jamstack.

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