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Open Letter to the Gatsby Open Source Community

By Kyle Mathews on August 13th, 2020

We've heard the serious concern from the community about our dedication to open source and our growing pains as an organization. I've shared my thoughts about all of it here in this blog post, and I'll continue to listen and learn from all of you.

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Gatsby Days Reconfigured

By Dustin Schau on June 23rd, 2020

With all the momentous events of recent weeks, we decided -- after a lot of discussion and thought -- to reconfigure this month’s planned Gatsby Days. Now is not the right time to take attention and space away from the Black Lives Matter movement. Transforming Gatsby Days from a live event into a video and blog content series allows us to share all the amazing speakers and learning opportunities of the live event in a way that the community can access as the time is right for each of us. Today’s post is the first in the series, presenting all the product and program announcements that we had planned for the original online event.

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