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Implementing Dynamic E-Commerce Features with Strivectin and Gatsby

With some creative engineering and carefully considered tradeoffs, Elevar figured out how to implement rich e-commerce functionality like search, wish lists, and account management on Strivectin's Gatsby + Shopify site.

Garrett Dimon
Garrett Dimon April 14th, 2021

Agencies, Case Studies, Dynamic Functionality, e-commerce

Product Experience Management with Gatsby: Delivering A Rich E-Commerce Experience

How Elevar Used Storybook With Gatsby to Support a Modular Design Process

Fender Gets a New Jam(stack) On

Using Gatsby & Storybook To Document Your Design System

Building Cabrillo College’s Drag-and-Drop Gutenberg + Gatsby Site

How Hi-Rez Studios Built Their Web Infra On Gatsby & WordPress

London’s Royal College of Art Goes Virtual with Gatsby

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