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Instant Content: Strapi CMS + Gatsby for Fast and Friendly Editing

By Maxime Castres on May 12th, 2020

Strapi, the open source headless CMS that developers love, now has a new Gatsby source plugin to help developers and content creators gain velocity in two different ways. Gatsby Preview now seamlessly integrates with Strapi for full hot-loading visibility so you can edit your site fast. Then Gatsby Incremental Builds means getting your changes live faster than ever before -- ten seconds or less!

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Mapping Your Closest Impossible Burger with Gatsby

By Sam Bhagwat on May 7th, 2020

Meat Analogues is a terrific punk band name. But it also describes one of the hottest current trends in food: plant-based protein products so realistic that they fool even hardcore carnivores, with a side of combatting climate change. Impossible Foods is one of the fastest growing alternative meat companies, particularly famous for their juicy and delicious Impossible Burgers. The company’s website wasn't helping hungry customers find their nearest Impossible Burger, though, so they turned to Gatsby to build an interactive mapping web app.

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2 Months and 2x Performance: Codebrahma accelerates with Gatsby

By Greg Thomas on April 27th, 2020

Serverless — which enables software engineers to build and operate serverless applications — needed to launch a rebranded company website on a tight deadline. Front-end web developers from Codebrahma used the Gatsby framework to rebuild the Serverless site in only two months. The new Gatsby-based site delivered a 2x site performance improvement that is helping to increase user engagement and boost lead-gen conversions.!

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