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Virtual Gatsby Days - 2020


After much thought and discussion, the Gatsby team has decided not to hold Virtual Gatsby Days in the way we originally planned. While we were very much looking forward to it, we feel now is not the time to take attention and space away from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Instead, we’ve transformed Virtual Gatsby Days from an online event into a video and blog content series that allows us to share all the amazing speakers and learning opportunities of the live event in a way that the community can access as the time is right for each of us. Starting with this Gatsby program and product updates blog post, we invite you to catch up on what’s new with the team whenever works best for you.

Over the next few weeks we will also be sharing speaker videos and blog posts from the community speakers who had been scheduled to appear. We’d like to say a special thank you to these speakers, all of whom have been supportive about the decision to reformat Virtual Gatsby Days. They prepared really interesting talks for you and we’re so glad we can still share them.

We are sorry to miss this gathering, though it was virtual, and we thank everyone for understanding — and supporting — the change. We hope you enjoy the speaker videos asynchronously until we have the opportunity to gather once more.

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