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Gatsby v2: Faster Build Times, Guess.js, and More!

Learn about Gatsby v2 in this 60 minute webinar

Sign up to get instant access to the webinar recording and hear from Kyle Mathews about Gatsby v2! Get an overview of everything new in the v2 release such as accessibility features, support for Guess.js (machine-learning driven user experiences), upgrades, and reduced build times.

Kyle Mathews, CEO and Founder, Gatsby

Learn about the new features in v2, including:

  • Increased build performance with website builds 2-3X faster
  • Vastly improved offline/Service Worker support
  • Significant improvements to hot reloading (Ludicrous Mode)
  • Support for accessible routing
  • Support for (Guess.js) machine-learning driven pre-fetching
  • Upgrades to React 16, Babel 7, and Webpack 4

Watch the Webinar

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