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This page provides information about the subprocessors that Gatsby, Inc. has engaged with to provide our customer services.

Subprocessors are third-party platforms and services that assist us in providing processing activities, which may include Customer Data.

Gatsby, Inc. maintains an up-to-date listing of subprocessors that also includes the location where data is processed. Our most up to date subprocessors list is below. Contact compliance@gatsbyjs.com with any additional questions or comments.

Our Subprocessors

Aiven Cloud Database USA
Fastly Content Delivery Network USA/EU
Github Source-code management USA
Gong.io Sales Support Services USA
Google Analytics Web Analytics Services USA
Google Cloud Platform Cloud IaaS USA
Heap Analytics Platform USA
Imgix Content Delivery Network USA
Marketo Marketing Automation Tool USA
Salesforce.com Customer Relationship Management USA
Slack Event Monitoring and Customer Support Services USA
Zendesk Customer Service Software USA
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