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Headless CMS | Contentful

Build Your Site With Gatsby And Contentful

The leading headless website combination is easier, faster, and more secure when deployed on Gatsby Cloud.

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Connect Contentful & Gatsby Instantly null icon

Connect Contentful & Gatsby Instantly

Instantly connect your Contentful instance with Gatsby using the Contentful Source Plugin or Starters and begin creating a best-in class authoring experience today.

Preview & Share Drafted Content null icon

Preview & Share Drafted Content

Collaborate across development or marketing teams and get feedback earlier with a shareable preview site that displays content before it goes live.

Flexibly Source Content Anywhere  null icon

Flexibly Source Content Anywhere

Build the digital experience your brand deserves. Pull content from Contentful, eCommerce from Shopify, Payments from Stripe and hundreds of other combinations.

Build content-rich digital experiences that will amaze visitors

Thousands of websites rely on Contentful and Gatsby

Flamingo, by Harry's, sees 5X faster page load speeds with Gatsby

Flamingo, by Harry's, sees 5X faster page load speeds with Gatsby

Flamingo inspires a new frontier of eCommerce by allowing marketing leads and content creators to update content (copy and images) via Contentful with zero developer involvement. This enables the team to work without interruption while giving the team the flexibility to make quick updates based on customer feedback.

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Rachio grows organic traffic through content to increase conversions

Rachio grows organic traffic through content to increase conversions

Rachio, a smart lawn watering solution, perfectly blends a mix of long-form content powered by Contentful to help improve their search engine optimization and increase organic traffic.

Gatsby and Contentful Resources

A Contentful Content Model

Check out this webinar video with Gatsby and Contentful to learn how to build a dynamic content model that enables marketers.

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Querying Content in Contentful

In this post Paul explains how you can make use of Gatsby’s useStaticQuery hook to query different kinds of Contentful data to use around your site!

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Quickstart with Contentful

If you’re looking to build a website using Gatsby and Contentful you’ve come to the right place.

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Get Started With Contentful on Gatsby Cloud

  1. Create a Contentful account

  2. Add the Contentful Source Plugin to your Gatsby site

  3. Add your Contentful credentials to the plugin config file

  4. Source content via the Gatsby Data Layer

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